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PEACH - rich creamed honey with organic peaches makes a spectacular fruit spread for someone craving the taste of Summer. its bright taste surprises in yogurts, smoothies, and even our georgia peaches tea. you will surely enjoy this treat that is just peachy!

INGREDIENTS: raw wildflower honey, organic peach extract, organic peaches

ORANGE ZEST - this citrus invigorated honey is the perfect addition to any cool summer beverage. crafted with organic orange zest, the bright taste of this infusion is a pleasant surprise of balanced sweetness with tanginess. Florida is well known for its oranges, so why not try this amazingly tasteful orange zest honey right from the Sunshine State!

INGREDIENTS: raw wildflower honey, organic orange extract, organic orange zest

STRAWBERRY - the freshness of organic strawberries and raw creamed honey are coupled to bring you a favorite among berry addicts. the burst of strawberry flavor pops in this deliciously crafted honey. It is the perfect substitute to strawberry jam. use as a sweet treat in any tea. don't let us stop you there— it is also great as a breakfast treat with your favorite morning bread!

INGREDIENTS: raw wildflower honey, organic strawberry extract, organic strawberries

LEMON - a tale as old as time, honey and lemon are crafted together with organic lemon zest and raw creamed honey. it is freshly tart and perfect for a southern sweet tea, or enjoyable as a spread for your favorite dessert or muffin!

INGREDIENTS: raw wildflower honey, organic lemon zest, organic lemon extract

HIBISCUS - this vibrantly colored honey whipped with real hibiscus has tangy-floral notes combined with perfect honey sweetness! it makes an ideal spread, addition to iced tea, or summer smoothie. the possibilities are endless!

INGREDIENTS: raw wildflower honey, organic hibiscus flowers

Jacksonville, FL - 5.5oz 

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