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CINNAMON - named one of the healthiest food combinations in the world, cinnamon and honey come together in the most crafted and tasteful ways. whether you are making french toast in the morning or cozying up to a smooth cup of afternoon tea, this honey is sure to be a mini luxury to keep in your pantry. 
INGREDIENTS :: raw honeybee honey, organic cinnamon bark, natural cinnamon oil

ORANGE ZEST - this citrus invigorated honey is the perfect addition to any cool refreshing beverage. crafted with organic orange zest, the bright taste of this infusion is a pleasant surprise of balanced sweetness with tanginess. Florida is well known for its oranges, so why not try this amazingly tasteful orange zest honey right from the Sunshine State!
INGREDIENTS :: raw wildflower honey, organic orange extract, organic orange zest

SPICED PUMPKIN - An AH-HA moment in Autumn! this raw honey is whipped with real pumpkin and custom spice blend to make this superfood spread! it tastes like pumpkin pie filling in a jar and not to mention the natural benefits of real pumpkin that make this a not-so-guilty pleasure! use it to sweeten your tea, make your own whipped cream cheese, or frosting for baked goods!
INGREDIENTS :: raw honeybee honey, natural pumpkin, natural pumpkin pie extract, organic pumpkin spice blend

TRADITIONAL - a kitchen staple, this raw honey is kept raw and allows the natural instinct for real honey to crystallize to take effect. by whipping this honey into a smoother consistency makes it a more decadent spread for tea, toast, biscuits and charcuterie boards.
INGREDIENTS :: raw honeybee honey

Jacksonville, FL - 3oz 
No artificial flavors, colors or ingredients
SHELF LIFE :: doesn't expire while sealed, use within one year after opening
Store in a cool, dry place

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