host a parTEA

small gatherings should be celebrated

who doesn’t love a parTEA?

just add honey tea company is currently offering small gatherings with our signature AFTERNOON TEA EXPERIENCE. Perfect for special events, birthdays, wedding, bridal, baby showers… you name it! OR Order a parTEA in a Box to enjoy at home

schedule a AFTERNOON TEA EXPERIENCE with us. we know how to turn the run-of-the-mill event into a parTEA!

BOOK your next parTEA on the Beltline! parTEAs of more than six guests, EMAIL us for booking information.

TAKE A LOOK at our parTEA pricing options.  

DO YOU JUST NEED A SPACE FOR YOUR MEETING OR EVENT? take a look at our pricing for your next shin dig.

CONTACT US directly if your reservation is for more than 6 guests or if you would like to book a private tea event.